Community Work


"We may not depend on any secure revenue from property or any stable source of income which would exempt us from the obligation of working."
The General Constitutions of the Order of St. Clare (Const.Art.150.1)

St. Clare teaches us as Poor Clares not only about the "privilege of poverty" but also about the human dignity of work. As Poor Clares, we do not escape from the burden and responsibility of work.

Rather, we are grateful for the privilege to work in community and serve the needs of the Church and the World within the boundaries of our enclosed life.

"When their work and other sources of income are not enough for them to live on, the sisters may turn to benefactors as to the table of the Lord to ask for what is necessary."
The General Constitutions of the Order of St. Clare (Const.Art.152)

However, because our way of life is devoted primarily to a life of prayer in community, we do seek the help of benefactors to help sustain us in our way of life.

We seek to provide for our material needs through:

- Spiritual direction/spiritual companioning

- Sharing Franciscan/Clarian spirituality

- Clerical work

- Sewing

- Selling individually designed cards and other handcrafted items

- Providing space for groups to meet in our Meeting Room

- Providing space for retreatants to spend a few days for renewal in our Guest Area

As daughters of Clare and Francis, we rely on the Providence of God coming to us through the donations of many people to meet the needs we cannot supply by our own labor. We are grateful for the generosity of our benefactors, and we keep you and all your intentions in our daily prayers.

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