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There are Many Paths to our Poor Clare Life...

Sisters might transfer from existing Poor Clare Communities (like our 3 founding Sisters)
Sisters might transfer from other religious communities (like our Sister Ann)
Sisters might transfer from Poor Clare Communities in other Countries (like our Sisters Pia and Luisa)
Sisters might enter religious life after raising children or having a career (like our Sisters Rita and Vickie)

What is a "Vocation"?

A vocation is a call from God to live the Gospel in a particular way. Saint Clare regarded her vocation and that of the sisters as the most precious gift from God that they could receive. In her Testament, she wrote:

"Among the other gifts that we have received and do daily receive from our benefactor, the Father of mercies, and for which we must express the deepest thanks to the glorious Father of Christ, there is our vocation... Recognize your vocation."
The Testatment of Clare (TestCl 2-4)

We believe we do this best when we are filled with gratitude for our call to Clare's way of living the Gospel, and when we live our charism in fidelity and love.

What are the usual stages of formation in Poor Clare life?

Candidacy (1 year)
: During this time a candidate has an opportunity to get to know the basics of Poor Clare life. It is also a time for the community to gain experience in living with the candidate. She familiarizes herself with her new life and continues the discernment of her vocation.

Novitiate (2 years): The candidate becomes a novice at an investing ceremony and receives the habit. During the time of novitiate, the novice spends time in learning about prayer, Scripture, the vows, Poor Clare life, Saint Clare’s Form of Life and other aspects of Franciscan/Clarian spirituality, and how to cultivate a deep relationship with God. She has opportunities to grow in self-knowledge and life in community. She is assisted in this through weekly conferences with the formation director.

First Profession (at least 3 years): After two years of novitiate, the sister prepares to make her First Profession. Her level of responsibility in the community grows as she continues her integration into the community. She continues to have some classes and regular conferences with the abbess. This stage of formation lasts at least three years.

Solemn Profession (lifetime commitment): With the profession of solemn vows the sister becomes a full member of the community.

If you are a woman between 21-50 years old and feel an attraction to our Poor Clare way of life please contact: Sr. Anna Marie Covely, Vocation Director at vocationdirectorosc@gmail.com or write to Sr. Anna Marie Covely 1505 Miles Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45231-2427. If you’d like to talk with her or one of the sisters you may call 513-825-7177.
Formation Studies

Our Vocation Brochure

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