Our Life in the Monastery

"Let [the sisters] be always eager to preserve among them-

selves the unity of mutual love which is the bond of perfection."

The Form of Life of St. Clare (FLCl 10:7)

Clare sought to build communities where mutual love shaped the relationships of the sisters. In this way, the sisters became tangible signs of the Spirit of God working among them. Inspired by the example of Clare and her early community at San Damiano, we strive to reflect this same love to the world by our life together.

What Do Contemplative Sisters Do All Day?

Many people want to know what contemplative sisters do all day. First and foremost, our day is shaped by the daily celebration of the Eucharist and the Liturgy of the Hours, and our day unfolds in a rhythm of personal prayer, communal prayer, community work, study, recreation and rest. And, just like any household, we share in the "household chores" around the Monastery (cooking, cleaning, yard work, etc.).

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